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Remaining relevant for the next generation

Launched in June 2023, Van Lanschot Kempen’s Young Private Banking Programme aims to train the private bankers and investment advisers of the future. There are ten trainees in the current two-year programme, each of whom is mentored by experienced private bankers.

Elise Bleukens, one of the young private bankers, explains how the programme works: “Essentially, it can be broken down into three blocks. The Private Banking Academy is the educational block – it’s all about acquiring the technical knowledge. Then there’s the personal development block. And lastly, there’s plenty of on-the-job experience – not only within the Private Banking team but also working with other colleagues such as risk managers and investment advisers. Every Monday morning, I talk to my mentors about how the week will look, and every two weeks they check in on my personal development. It’s a fantastic opportunity – both personally and professionally!”

A private banker at Van Lanschot Kempen since 2015, Meike Borrie is a mentor in the programme. “One of the challenges and opportunities we see is connecting with the next generation of clients,” she explains. “The Young Private Banking Programme can help with this. By training up the next generation of private bankers, we make sure that our employee base better reflects our potential client base. Trends like artificial intelligence, sustainability, cryptocurrency – these are all important themes that many younger clients see from a different perspective. And we want to remain relevant to those clients, especially since wealth is often passed down through generations.”

Long-standing relationships with clients are also a part of our company DNA. “Building long-term trust in relationships takes time,” Elise concludes. “The Young Private Banking Programme really helps create that trust and loyalty: not only between me and my clients but also between me and our company. It means that we’re here to serve our clients for the long term, but it also means we have a good process in place when it comes to handing over from one generation to the next – whether that’s the next generation of clients or the next generation of private bankers.”

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