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Find answers to frequently asked questions about working at Van Lanschot Kempen and find contact information of our recruiters. We look forward to get in touch with you!

Do you have a question and want to contact a recruiter about it? Then first look at the frequently asked questions below. Maybe your question will be already answered.
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Interns, working students, starter positions

Campus recruitment

Jessica Martins

Digital & Technology, Business Services           

+31 6 57 68 31 87

Max van Bennekom

Private banking, Risk, Legal, Business Services

Diva Estanto

Campus Recruiter | Corporate Finance, Equities, Investment Management

Recruitment experienced hires

Maurien van Schaick

Private Banking                       

+31 6 16 09 38 71

Eline Aanhane               

Digital & Technology              

Raphael Begeer

Digital & Technology, Business Services          

Deborah Bristow

Legal, Risk, Finance, Audit, Compliance, Business Services

Maddy Huang   

Corporate Finance, Equities, Investment Management    

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