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Daniëlle van Leest | Commercial Director, Hilversum Office

Improving the client experience

A large part of my job as Commercial Director is about improving the client experience. One of the things I value about Van Lanschot Kempen is that we’re able to make improvements quickly, because we have short lines of communication. People are prepared to go the extra mile.

Take our Next Gen programme, for example: in 2022, we carried out surveys on the wishes and needs of the next generation of investors – in other words, the children of our clients. The feedback was that they’re looking for education in wealth management and a chance to meet other people in the same situation. So in 2023, we’ll be launching a series of master classes on topics like how to get started on investing, how to make sustainable investments, and how to handle money and assets in a smart way.

We’ve also made improvements to our client communications. In our internal client management system, we’ve added extra filters so that it’s now possible for bankers to select a specific group of clients and send them more relevant content. For instance, if the banker selects “has children”, they can then send a blog post or podcast about giving endowments to children only to the clients who actually have kids. And this leads to greater client satisfaction.

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