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We preserve and create wealth in a sustainable way for the benefit of future generations. Our purpose is to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders in a way that contributes to sustainable solutions to the most pressing global challenges.
We believe that wealth is not just about financial assets; essential as these may be, wealth is about all the things that we value in life. In a broader sense, wealth represents the collective wisdom of a society and the cultural norms and values that sustain it.

As a company, we believe that the generation of wealth – and its re-distribution through taxation – are critical to the process of creating and maintaining stable, successful societies. Given that societal cohesion necessitates wealth creation, we believe that wealth management cannot be the preserve of a few but is a necessity for all. We believe that if we - together with our stakeholders - contribute to a more sustainable world, everyone will benefit. We believe that preserving and growing capital in a sustainable way is a peoples job.

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    Our people

    We believe that talented, vital and impactful people want to work for inclusive companies whose purpose, culture and values they share.
  • 2.

    Our clients

    We believe that the wealth we build or preserve for our clients today, will only retain its real value in a sustainable future world.
  • 3.

    Our shareholders

    We believe as an integrated wealth manager we can benefit from these opportunities and create attractive long-term financial and sustainable value for our capital providers.
  • 4.

    Our society and planet

    We believe that the generation of wealth in a way that we restore a livable environment is critical to the process of creating and maintaining stable, successful societies. There is no second chance on global warming and resource depletion.
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